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Create API for Power BI Designer #powerbi

In the last months, I’ve been trying to suggest a direction for Power BI, but I start to realize that in these days Microsoft is really prioritizing features based on customer feedback. This can make things harder for a new idea to be prioritized, because  Read more

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The preview of Power BI is now available worldwide #powerbi

Today Microsoft announced the availability of Power BI preview also outside United States. One important thing to note is that also the mobile app for iPad  Read more

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You are probably used to think to FIRSTNONBLANK and LASTNONBLANK as DAX functions related to time-intelligence calculations (usually for semi-additive measures ). However, these functions have a syntax and a behavior that can be useful in other scenarios.  Read more

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Customize period comparison in DAX #powerpivot #dax #powerbi

I have seen many different types of custom calendars implemented in Power Pivot, Tabular, and DAX. I also wrote several articles ( week based calendars and time patterns ). However, there is a scenario that is hard to manage with the classical approaches,  Read more

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Power BI Customer Event on February 24-25, 2015 on Invite Only

Microsoft recently released a public preview of Power BI Dashboard . This new service is raising interest because of new visualizations and for the openness to developers, thanks to APIs that can be used also for real-time visualizations . Are you interested  Read more

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DAX Patterns 2015 book available now #daxpatterns #dax

In 2014 we published several articles in the DAX Patterns web site. We’ll continue to publish new patterns in 2015 (the first one later this month!), but in the meantime we created a first printed version of the patterns available: DAX Patterns 2015 .  Read more