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Rounding functions in DAX

Today I prepared a table of the many rounding functions available in DAX (yes, it’s part of the book we’re writing), so that I have a complete schema of the better function to use, depending on the round operation I need to do. Here is the list of functions  Read more

How to install SpeedFiler on Outlook 2010 (aka Outlook 14)

This is off-topic here on SQLBlog, I know, but I think there will be many users like me wanting to find the solution for this problem. If you have SpeedFiler there is a problem installing it on Outlook 2010. The setup of SpeedFiler stop showing this message:  Read more

Notepad++ used as DAX editor

If you use PowerPivot and write some DAX formula, don’t miss this post on PowerPivotPro blog – if you want to get an external editor for your DAX formula, you can use Notepad++ for free – and adding the customization described in this post by Colin Banfield,  Read more


When you use CALCULATE in DAX you are creating a new filter context for the calculation, based on the existing one. There are a few functions that are used to clear or preserve a column filter. These functions are: ALL – it can be used with one or more  Read more

Call for long term strategy in Microsoft BI Client

I know, the answer is: SharePoint. But, despite SharePoint 2010 is much easier to install (well, I’m not talking about the Beta release here). I recently blogged about the lack of a killer application for the client side. I’ve got many many interesting  Read more

Do more with less: the missing feature in Excel Services

A little background: in these days I’m preparing sessions for some upcoming conferences in Italy (despite the English titles, most of the sessions will be in Italian: Microsoft SharePoint & Office Conference 2010 next week and Microsoft SQL Server  Read more

Discount offer on Expert Cube Development book

This post is just a commercial – but, you know, when you write a book, there is no conflict of interests in promoting it! If you still don’t have our Expert Cube Development with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services book, you can get 25% off the  Read more