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PowerPivot book samples are available

The sample files of the PowerPivot book are available at this page , where you can download a 260Mb zipped file containing all the Excel workbooks used in the book to make the examples.  Read more

PowerPivot book RTM! And some DAX thoughts…

Yesterday I had a nice time delivering the SQLBI Methodology session at 24 Hours of PASS . A few hours later, I had the news about the official RTM of the PowerPivot book I wrote with Alberto. The complete title is Microsoft® PowerPivot for Excel® 2010:  Read more

Create chained relationships in PowerPivot

If you get an error trying to create chained relationships in PowerPivot (i.e. Customers – Orders – OrderDetails), there is a known issue with a possible workaround. The item is described on Connect, but here is the issue and the workaround: ISSUE: A  Read more

Rough Cuts of the PowerPivot book available!

If you are curious to look at the upcoming book Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel 2010: Give Your Data Meaning that I wrote with Alberto , you can see the first 4 chapters in draft format through the “ Rough Cuts ” initiative by O’Reilly. I’d like to get  Read more

Importing data from Analysis Services 2000 to PowerPivot

Companies that have cubes on Analysis Services 2000 and still have not completed a migration to SSAS 2005/2008 might be interested in connecting to AS2000 from PowerPivot. Unfortunately, there are several limitations about using AS2000 as a data source  Read more