A few days ago Kasper anticipated that I and Alberto will teach a 2-day PowerPivot course based on our PowerPivot book.
The location will be next the Amsterdam airport, at Schiphol, Netherlands, and the dates are December 1st and 2nd, 2010.

When we prepared the material for the workshop (well, the slides and the demos, we already spent one year for the book) we discovered that two days are not enough to cover all the details. But there is enough time to cover many PowerPivot topics, starting from basic concepts and moving on up to complex data models and DAX formulas.

The target are Excel Power Users (Microsoft prefers to identify them as Information Workers), but this training is also useful for IT and BI professionals that are in charge of the data warehouse management of their company and need to understand how to provide support to analysts who need to extract data from PowerPivot.

Although focused on PowerPivot integration, the workshop does not cover all the SharePoint topics that are needed to install a SharePoint server. This would need a complete course by itself and should be targeted to a more technical audience.

The main goal of the course is to facilitate the use of PowerPivot in the real world.
It is designed for professionals who want to use PowerPivot full capabilities while, at the same time, it permits to identify those scenarios where its use might not be convenient.

The course outline is the following:

  • Introduction to PowerPivot
  • Data loading techniques with different kind of sources: OLTP, DWH, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and others
  • Data Modeling basics for building PowerPivot data models
  • Full coverage of the DAX programming language, with several hands-on examples
  • Calendar computation and data modeling best practices
  • Advanced data modeling techniques to solve some common scenarios
  • SharePoint integration

You can find all the information at here.