My Microsoft® PowerPivot for Excel® 2010: Give Your Data Meaning book has been printed and is now in stock on many bookstores!

This is another good news of the past week, who have been dense of good news. I and Alberto have been interviewed by Vidas Matelis about the book and we’ve received several subscriptions for our first PowerPivot Workshop in Europe in December.

Our book is also present in the AppStore for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. I tried it and maybe pictures are too small for an iPhone screen, but text looks very good and you can search through the book in an easy way.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on several proof of concepts for new modeling techniques using the PowerPivot engine, which are very promising looking at the next version of Analysis Services. But I can’t say much of that. We have to wait another month to get more news at the next PASS Summit in Seattle. I will further describe in another post the two sessions I will present there later this week.

Now, I look forward to getting feedback from actual readers of the book!