As you might already know, I and Alberto Ferrari are writing a book about PowerPivot 2010 for Excel.

The official title is Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel 2010: Give Your Data Meaning and you can already order it on Amazon! However, it will be published in September 2010, and it is reasonable considered we are still in writing mode…

Well, before buying it, consider that we are writing the book for the “real user” of PowerPivot, who doesn’t have a knowledge of MDX, multidimensional databases, ETL, programming languages and so on, but that analyze and browse data coming from several sources and today uses Excel (and maybe also Access) to do its number crunching.

In the book we will give basic information on data modeling concepts and how to create a data model with PowerPivot, how to define calculated columns and measures with DAX and we also describe a number of patterns for people who simply want to solve their issue by using a ready-to-use template. We also talk about SharePoint 2010 publishing but just from the end-user point of view. Thus, don’t expect an under-the-cover, IT-Pro oriented book this time. I think that IT Pro who have to manage the backend part of PowerPivot in SharePoint will have to consider also another book (after they understood PowerPivot for Excel, of course!) this one written by many authors, included Denny Lee.