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On choosing names for new technologies

A name is important. The right name is important. In this post, I reflect on the choice of names in the Microsoft BI stack. From time to time, a bad name arises. Not a big issue, as together we tend…  Read more

On my recording gear

When I started publishing YouTube videos, I was eager to read about the setup of other speakers. I was starting from scratch, needing to purchase all the equipment, and I had no idea how to get the most bang for…  Read more

7 reasons DAX is not easy

DAX is simple, but it is not easy. I cannot remember how many times I read this sentence on social media, attributed to me. For good reason: I have repeated this sentence at almost every classroom course I delivered over…  Read more

Using DAX with DateTime values

I was recently reading an interesting question by a user. Given a date/time value and a number of hours, add the number of hours to the date, but considering some constraints related to working hours: The working hours are 09:00-17:00…  Read more

Displaying a list of selected months

Today I woke up with an interesting question, about how to show a selection of months in a nice way, detecting contiguous selection. You can easily understand the desired solution from the following figure: I enjoyed writing a quick solution,…  Read more

On comparing Power BI with other tools

In the last few years, the Business Intelligence (BI) world has been moving towards self-service BI. As expected, several vendors created tools empowering regular users to gain insights from their data. Among the many, there is Power BI. Nowadays, users…  Read more

New Whitepaper from SQLBI: Vertipaq vs ColumnStore

At the end of June 2012, I was in Amsterdam to present some sessions at Teched Europe 2012 and, while preparing the material for the demos (yes, the best demos are the ones I prepare at the last minute), I decided to make a comparison between the two  Read more

DAX in Action

I do not normally blog about my activity at conferences, courses and workshop, not because I don’t like these “marketing” topics, but only because I forget to do it. That said, sometimes I do some really exciting activities and, well, I need to share  Read more