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Remote Execution of SSIS Packages

Having the need to execute a package on a remote server, I discovered  that DtExec has no option to launch the package remotely (something that everybody apart me already knew…). So… time to write some code. I wrote a WCF Service that executes a  Read more

SqlBulkCopy Performance Analysis

In the endless search for optimal performance in Bulk loading data, I have written a paper which describes how to reach top performance using the SqlBulkCopy class in .NET, trying to find the best combination of its parameter settings to load heaps, clustered  Read more

DrillThrough Actions and (semi) Security in SSAS OLAP cubes

Using SSAS 2005/2008, there is no way to apply security to DRILLTHROUGH actions, so we cannot decide whether a specific user is authorized or not to perform a specific action. This is a “by design” behavior, since DRILLTHROUGH actions are initiated at  Read more

Does SSIS knows how to sort a flow of data? Well… no

Today I ran into a nice misfeature of SSIS that worths sharing. If I want to use SSIS to sort a flow of data, containing both lowecase and uppercase strings, I would expect a standard behaviour or, at least, something with some “common sense”. As I am  Read more

European PASS 2009

Guys, I’m excited of being a speaker at the European PASS Conference 2009 (April 22-24, 2009 – Neuss, Germany). I will present three sessions, on Slowly Changing Dimension Handling, OLAP partitioning with SSIS and scripts and, most interesting (at least  Read more