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Table Difference 2.0 – Call for beta

The new version 2.0 of SSIS SCD handling component TableDifference is in beta, I am searching for beta testers and some help in writing an installer for it. You will find all the informations at . The final release of the component will be  Read more

SSIS Multicast and Trash or Separate and Union?

Today I was optimizing a package that handles a very common topic: process some rows and send all them to a flow but, for some of them, make additional processing. A simple Multicast and a Conditional Split solve the problem, the picture explains it better  Read more

Visio and SQL Extended Properties: a tool to marry them

Visio database models have column descriptions, SQL Server has extended properties where to store them but, even if they share the same producer, it seems that Visio is unable to store column descriptions in extended properties so that other tools can  Read more

SQL: Merge two "history tracking" tables

If you have two columns in a table that “remember” their old values in two different historical tables, as it is the case in AdventureWorks with EmployeePayHistory and EmployeeDepartmentHistory, you may need (or just wonder how) to merge these two tables  Read more

Dimensional modeling with Ranged Dimensions

A ranged dimension is a dimension that is used to have a discrete view of a continuous measure. A good example of this is the analysis of amount sold per order. In AdventureWorks we have, for each line of an order, the amount and quantity sold. We would  Read more

How are GUIDs sorted by SQL Server?

Today I ran into a nice problem with SQL Server fancy way of sorting GUIDS. I know, there should be no reason at all to sort GUID columns but, if what you need is run two tables side by side to check whether they are aligned or not (this is the task of  Read more

Table Difference 1.2

TableDifference has been updated to version 1.2. For those who want to read the main description of the component can be found here but take a look at the full story, this component and the documentaton has been updated several times. You will find complete  Read more

Generate huge test tables using CTE

Sometimes I need to have a huge table to make performance tests and I want to create the table easily. I found a simple way of producing these test data using CTE in a creative way and decided to post it so I can have it at hand when needed and maybe  Read more

Bulk Insert of sorted data

In a previous post I showed how to make bulk insert faster using SSIS. During Sql Server Conference 2007 I had the great opportunity to double check it with Stefano Stefani that analyzed the problem in greater detail and finally came up with both an explanation  Read more

Mantaining order in SSIS flow, problems with Merge

In a previous post I spoke about the advantages of having sorted flows in SSIS to greatly speed up data insertion using fastload. The need to have a sorted flow brings some severe problems to the SSIS programmer that he need to be aware of and that IMHO  Read more