Alberto Ferrari's Blog posts of 2008

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SQLBI: Yet Another DWH Methodology?

It is several years now that I and Marco Russo enjoy ourself developing BI solutions and teaching our customers how to build them. We started with Kimball methodology, then we tried Inmon’s one and finally a mix of both, tailored to ours and our customer  Read more

SSIS: living in a parallel world? Not yet…

Today I come into a nice bug (misfeature?) of SSIS 2008 and I’d like to share it with you. Let’s start from the beginning: One of the keys to make something speedy is to parallelize it. In TableDifference I read from two inputs, compare them and produce  Read more

Reading zip files with SSIS

Playing with SSIS I normally have to read flat files that come in zip format. The standard procedure here is to launch winzip, decompress the file, read it with a flat file adapter and then delete the uncompressed file. This behaviour generates a lot  Read more

TableDifference version 2.0 has been released

Table difference is an SSIS custom component designed to simplify the management of slowly changing dimensions and – in general – to check the differences between two tables or data flow with SSIS. Its main advantage over Microsoft standard SCD component  Read more