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PowerPivot: editing measures when you reach 45

I have always been used to small fonts but now, as I am getting older, I’d better admit that a greater font is much more relaxing. Editing PowerPivot measures has always been a pain, since all you have available is a small text box and I hate to admit  Read more

Visio Forward Engineer 1.1

You know, I love Visio to develop simple databases and I have written a Visio add-in that performs the forward engineer of data models, called Visio Forward Engineer. Now I have found some time to update the project to version 1.1. You can download the  Read more

PowerPivot and Many to Many Relationships

If you have already read this post from Marco Russo and have understood everything, then this new post of mine will be useless. But if you are like me, i.e. you have read it and have broken your head trying to understand the final (really smart!) formula,  Read more

Banding with PowerPivot

Banding is one of the most common requirements when you have the need to analyze continuous values, like the retail price of a product which may change over time, due to discounts and price variations. I have already spoken about banding with regards  Read more

Visio Forward Engineer Addin for Office 2010

Most of my database model are written with Visio. I don’t want to start a digression whether Visio is good or not to build a simple data model: Visio is enogh for my modeling needs and customers love its colours and the ability to open the model with  Read more