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Circular Dependencies in DAX

What is a circular dependency? If A depends on B and B depends on A, then you have a circular dependency. As programmers, we know that they should be avoided to obtain a working system. All this looks fine but, when authoring a simple DAX formula containing  Read more

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PASS Summit 2011: good time for a chat on DAX?

This year I and Marco Russo will host a Birds of a Feather lunch about “ DAX, Vertipaq and BISM Tabular ” during PASS Summit in Seattle. If you want to spend some time speaking about DAX, the new Vertipaq engine of just have a good chat in front of some  Read more

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Creating a copy of a BISM Tabular project

Using Visual Studio to author SSAS Multidimensional projects, I was used to copy the project, deploy it with another name and then proceed with updates, until I was satisfied with the final result. Then, working with the two projects side-by-side I could  Read more

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Deep dive day on #DAX at #SQLBits

September 29th I and Marco Russo will be delivering a full day of deep dive into the DAX programming language, during the training days of SqlBits 9 . Later on, during the conference, I will deliver a session about many to many relationships in DAX, exploiting  Read more

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#PowerPivot Webinar, august 17th at 11 AM CET

Tomorrow, at 11 AM CET, I will deliver a webinar on how to produce interesting reports with PowerPivot, a webcast which is a first taste of my incoming session for the European Sharepoint Conference. You can see all the details here:,-an-example-of-a-powerful-user-created-report-in-powerpivot.aspx  Read more

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PowerPivot Workshop in Portugal #PowerPivot, #ppws

A new date is available for the PowerPivot workshop I and Marco are delivering all over Europe. On September 19-20 , 2011 we will be in Lisbon (Portugal) to present the workshop to Excel users and BI professionals. Moreover, as Denali CTP3 of PowerPivot  Read more

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OT: New transaction in the World Database

Wow! Today I hit F5 on this interesting transaction: BEGIN TRANSACTION     INSERT INTO World.Babies (Name, Surname, DateOfBirth, Gender)     VALUES (‘Arianna’, ‘Ferrari’, ‘20110720’, ‘Female’);     UPDATE World.Parents  Read more