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Clever Hierarchy Handling in DAX

Hierarchy handling in DAX is not very easy, due to the fact that hierarchies, unlike it was in MDX, are not first-class citizens in the DAX world. While hierarchies can be easily defined in the data model, there are no DAX functions that let you access,  Read more

Speaking at Lisbon NetPonto UG on 02/13/2012

As you might (or not) know, I travel a lot for work and, when possible, I always try to speak at local user groups. It is fun and I always learn a lot by speaking with other professionals like me. Being in Lisbon next week, I’ll deliver a speech at Microsoft  Read more

OT: A Good Reason to Attend #SQLBits

My 4yo son keeps asking me why I should leave home so often to attend SQL conferences around the world and today, after a couple of days of snow, he discovered a good reason, along with the best place for the SQLBits scarf.  Read more

Circular Dependencies in DAX

What is a circular dependency? If A depends on B and B depends on A, then you have a circular dependency. As programmers, we know that they should be avoided to obtain a working system. All this looks fine but, when authoring a simple DAX formula containing  Read more

PASS Summit 2011: good time for a chat on DAX?

This year I and Marco Russo will host a Birds of a Feather lunch about “ DAX, Vertipaq and BISM Tabular ” during PASS Summit in Seattle. If you want to spend some time speaking about DAX, the new Vertipaq engine of just have a good chat in front of some  Read more

Creating a copy of a BISM Tabular project

Using Visual Studio to author SSAS Multidimensional projects, I was used to copy the project, deploy it with another name and then proceed with updates, until I was satisfied with the final result. Then, working with the two projects side-by-side I could  Read more

Deep dive day on #DAX at #SQLBits

September 29th I and Marco Russo will be delivering a full day of deep dive into the DAX programming language, during the training days of SqlBits 9 . Later on, during the conference, I will deliver a session about many to many relationships in DAX, exploiting  Read more

#PowerPivot Webinar, august 17th at 11 AM CET

Tomorrow, at 11 AM CET, I will deliver a webinar on how to produce interesting reports with PowerPivot, a webcast which is a first taste of my incoming session for the European Sharepoint Conference. You can see all the details here:,-an-example-of-a-powerful-user-created-report-in-powerpivot.aspx  Read more