This month we have a new video course and whitepaper for SQLBI+ subscribers: Inside Calculation Groups is available!

This course is a deep dive into calculation groups in DAX. Although you might already be familiar with calculation groups, it is worth reading the general introduction to acquire the correct terminology and get used to the main concepts before going deeper into the following sections.

In the following part, we will go much deeper, and a solid foundation is required to appreciate the subtle nuances described. The introduction covers how to create calculation groups and their main uses. We then describe in depth the complexity of using multiple calculation groups in the same model and how to correctly handle calculation group precedence. Later on, we discuss sideways recursion, how to use calculation groups in composite models, and the main limitations of calculation groups. Once the theory has been well established, we discuss best practices and provide a rich set of examples of uses of calculation groups.

We will continue to add content to SQLBI+ every 2-3 months. We are also working on an update to the Window Functions whitepaper we published in January 2023: it is still a draft as the features are in preview, but we are integrating the new features released in the last six months.

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