Today we start the preview of Smart Filter Pro. This is the first commercial custom visual produced by OKViz and it will be in preview until the end of 2018.

UPDATE 2019-29-01
Smart Filter Pro is now generally available. Useful links:

You can start using it today, no registration required, and it will be free for 6 months (during preview).

I wrote another blog post explaining in more detail the business model and why we waited so much before creating an advanced and commercial version of OKViz custom visuals. I would like to add two more technical considerations here.

First, Smart Filter Pro has a many new exciting features. I see many dashboards where half of the real estate is taken by slicers. Watch the video and read the article to see how you can get some space back for your data, without losing any slicing capability.

Second, the reason why a commercial model for custom visuals is now possible is the Organizational Custom Visuals repository. Without it, there are no ways to easily distribute and update a custom visual outside the AppSource marketplace – which is not yet a marketplace, because all the visuals available there are free. We published an article about the benefits of the Organizational Custom Visuals repository. You should read it if you want to consider the adoption of any custom visual in your company. And if you don’t have time, just watch the video explaining the difference of updating a custom visual with and without the repository!

Now it’s time to collect feedback and prepare for the 2019 launch!