While I am teaching Mastering DAX and Optimizing DAX classes, I am always available to speech at local user group events. This week, I will present an updated version of the “Toolkit for DAX Optimization” in Amsterdam, on Thursday, November 26, 2016.

At this link you can register (for free) and see logistics details (user group event is after work, starting at 17:30 serving some food – presentations will start at 18:30 and I will speak at 19.00). Please note there are very few seats still available, so register only if you are sure to attend!

I already presented this session at PASS Summit 2015, but I will have more time and I’d like to show some more detail about how to use these tools with Power BI, too. And, of course, I will be open to Q&A!

This is the description of the content of this session.

Toolkit for DAX Optimization
How do you optimize a DAX expression? This session introduces you to useful tools to help measure performance, gather data to find the bottlenecks, and write new optimized versions of DAX. Starting from SQL Profiler, you learn which events are relevant for DAX and how to collect them in different environments (SQL Server Analysis Services [SSAS], Power Pivot, Power BI). Explore DAX Studio, which simplifies and speeds up the data-collection process and makes it easy to find bottlenecks in the storage engine and formula engine. The goal of this session is to provide a methodology to measure performance of your DAX measures, to find bottlenecks, and to identify the main reason of performance issues.

I will focus on tools more than on optimization techniques, but considering the very good feedback I received at PASS Summit, it seems the session works very well – I hope you will enjoy it, too!