In the last few weeks Teo Lachev and I took the ownership of DAX Editor code. It is an add-in for Visual Studio that allows you to edit DAX measures in a text editor instead of using the Measure grid. It also provides other features (such as editing measures of an online Tabular database and performing a few queries). The user interface is not so user-friendly, so I suggest you carefully read the documentation in order to understand how you can edit DAX measures in your own Visual Studio project.

So, what are the new features we added in the last weeks?

We also re-published the DAX Editor in Visual Studio Extension Gallery. If you had a previous version, please uninstall it and then install the new one. We had to change the internal VSIX ID so the upgrade to this new version doesn’t work automatically. However, once you install this new build, the upgrade should be easier in future builds.