DAX Editor is an extension of SSDT that makes it easier to edit DAX measures in a Microsoft Analysis Services Tabular project.
It is compatible with Visual Studio 2015, it is not compatible with later versions of Visual Studio.

DAX Editor includes:

  • DAX Syntax Highlighting
  • DAX Formatting
  • Textual representation of measures defined in a Tabular project
  • Extracting/importing measures from/to a Tabular model file (.BIM)


  • KPIs are not supported and you will lose all KPIs using DAX Editor.
  • Comments in measures are not supported and you will lose all comments in measures using DAX Editor when you use “Save Measures in BIM File”.

DAX Editor is free and open source.

How to install: In Visual Studio select “Tools \ Extensions and updates…” and then search for DAX Editor, or download the latest release from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Article: Using DAX Editor

Video: DAX Editor – Introduction

Documentation, feedback and beta at https://github.com/DaxEditor/DaxEditor

Version history: https://github.com/DaxEditor/DaxEditor/wiki/Version-history