In June I and Alberto will deliver a pre-conference seminar at both TechEd North America (New Orleans, LA) and TechEd Europe (Madrid, Spain).

This day is a very good quickstart for those of you that still didn’t complete one of our books, or those of you that missed one of our workshop about Tabular or PowerPivot. If you are planning to go to TechEd, you might also consider attending a full day about DAX, following the From 0 to DAX one-day seminar. Here are the links:

  • TechEd North America – From 0 to DAX Pre-Conference Seminar (New Orleans, LA – June 2, 2013)
  • TechEd Europe – From 0 to DAX Pre-Conference Seminar (Madrid, Spain – June 24, 2013)

And in case you are underestimating the importance of DAX in your future BI projects… read this blog post from Dandy Weyn – his privileged point of view inside Microsoft highlights how much DAX is important today and will be pervasive in the future!