The Microsoft has launched the new Office 2013, we are proud to announce the availability of the new PowerPivot Workshop for Excel 2013! We have a fresh new website that offers all the training options: online and classroom courses. The target of this training are Excel Advanced Users and there are two versions of the workshop: the BASIC version is 2-day long and is good for everyone who want to start his experience with PowerPivot; the FULL version is 3-day long and the additional day is dedicated to more DAX content and practice, so also the more advanced users can satisfy his needs. All these versions are based on our upcoming Microsoft Excel 2013: Building Data Models with PowerPivot book that will be available in March 2013 (workshop’s attendees receive a free copy of that book).

The PowerPivot Workshop online is delivered every other month by me or Alberto and has different time scheduling depending on the delivery dates. We provide homework to students and use the available time online to teach content and answer attendees’ questions. The first online course will be delivered on February 19-21, 2013, and you have just one week to register using the use the Early Bird discount – more info for Basic and Full version following links.

We established partnerships with several authorized training centers around the world to deliver PowerPivot Workshop in classroom: in this case hands-on-labs assisted by the teacher are part of the course. Moreover, the PowerPivot course can be delivered in local languages: we report date, city, state, country and language of the Workshop in the list of courses available on our web site. We will publish more dates and locations in the coming weeks. Please note we are looking for training centers in states and countries we still don’t cover – we already have many ongoing discussions, but if you are interested just write us to get more info.

We’ll also have more news for PowerPivot users in the coming weeks and months, which will be useful also to SSAS Tabular BI developers. The 2013 will be a long year!