Your guide to quickly turn data into results.

Transform your skills, data, and business—and create your own Business Intelligence (BI) solutions using software you already know and love: Microsoft Excel. In this book, two BI experts take you inside PowerPivot functionality for Excel® 2013, with a focus on real-world scenarios, problem-solving, and data modeling. You will learn how to quickly turn mass quantities of data into meaningful information and on-the-job results—no programming required!

  • Understand the differences between PowerPivot for Self Service BI and SQL Server Analysis Services for Corporate BI
  • Extend your existing data-analysis skills to create your own BI solutions
  • Quickly manipulate large data sets, often in millions of rows
  • Perform simple-to-sophisticated calculations and what-if analysis
  • Create complex reporting systems with data modeling and Data Analysis Expressions
  • Share your results effortlessly across your organization using Microsoft SharePoint®

Sample chapters

Download the sample chapters of the book:   Excel2013-Building-Data-Models-PowerPivot-Sample-Chapter.pdf




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