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May Schedule of SSAS #Tabular Workshop for US & Europe

As you might have read in the previous post, May is a busy month for all the editions of the SSAS Tabular Workshop . We’ll start with an online edition next week in a time slot that should be good for US and other countries in that time zones. Then there  Read more

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Distinct Count of Customers in a SCD Type 2 in #DAX

If you have a Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD) Type 2 for your customer and you want to calculate the number of distinct customers that bought a product, you cannot use the simple formula: Customers := DISTINCTCOUNT( FactTable[Customer Id] ) ) because  Read more

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SSAS Maestro Training in July 2012 #ssasmaestro #ssas

A few hours ago Chris Webb blogged about SSAS Maestro and I’d like to propagate the news, adding also some background info. SSAS Maestro is the premier certification on Analysis Services that selects the best experts in Analysis Services around the world.  Read more

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Investigating on xVelocity (VertiPaq) column size

  In January I published an article about how to optimize high cardinality columns in VertiPaq . In the meantime, VertiPaq has been rebranded to xVelocity: the official name is now “xVelocity in-memory analytics engine (VertiPaq)” but using xVelocity  Read more

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Why to use #Tabular in Analysis Services 2012 #ssas

A few months ago I gave a speech at SQLBits 9 comparing Vertipaq vs. OLAP (you can watch session recording here ), which I repeated a few times in other conferences and webcasts. The title was intentionally provocative but it contained an explanation  Read more