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Parallelize incremental processing in Tabular #ssas #tabular

I recently came in a problem trying to improve the parallelism of Tabular processing. As you know, multiple tables can be processed in parallel, whereas the processing of several partitions within the same table cannot be parallelized. When you perform  Read more

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New videos available #dax #ssas #powerpivot

The collaboration I and Alberto started with Project Botticelli is starting producing content. At this point we have three videos available: DAX in Action shows the power of DAX in PowerPivot solving common patterns not so easy or fast to solve in other  Read more

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DAX Studio 1.0 beta available #dax #tabular #powerpivot

Are you waiting for a usable and interactive DAX editor? Are you tired of using the MDX editor provided by SSMS as a temporary solution to write and execute a DAX query? The wait is over! DAX Studio is a free Excel add-in that enables you to write a DAX  Read more

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Running Excel 2013 in a separate instance #excel #powerpivot

The new Excel 2013 preview is publicly available and it introduces many new features , like an integrated version of PowerPivot and Power View. These two add-ins are automatically installed but not enabled by default. You just have to go in Excel Options  Read more

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Analysis Services Tabular books #ssas #tabular

Many people are looking for books about Analysis Services Tabular. Today there are two books available and they complement each other: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services: The BISM Tabular Model by Marco Russo, Alberto Ferrari and Chris Webb Applied  Read more