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Learn more about MDX every day

I started learning MDX in 1999 and after so many years of using it and teaching it to other people, I still discover something new every day. Not only because I use it in strange ways (well, this doesn’t happen every day, at least!) but because there  Read more

The Many-to-Many Revolution 2.0 #ssas #mdx #dax #m2m

In September 2006 I had announced in this blog the release of the first version of The Many-to-Many Revolution, a whitepaper that describes how to leverage the many-to-many dimension relationships feature that had being available since Analysis Services  Read more

Converting #MDX to #DAX and PowerPivot Workshop online #ppws

I just published the article Converting MDX to DAX – First Steps on the renewed SQLBI web site about converting MDX to DAX. The reason is that with BISM Tabular in Analysis Services 2012 you will be able to write queries in both DAX and MDX. If you already  Read more

New licensing for SQL Server 2012 and #BISM #Tabular usage

Last week Microsoft announced a new licensing schema for SQL Server 2012. If you are interested in an extensive discussion of the new licensing scheme, Denny Cherry wrote a great blog post about that. I’d like to comment about the new BI Edition license.  Read more

#ssasHelp hashtag for questions about #ssas on Twitter

As you may have noted, I started using hashtag in titles of my blog posts. The reason is pretty simple: every post is automatically twitted through my account ( @marcorus ) and in this way they can be easily reached also by people monitoring particular  Read more

#SSAS 2008 R2 Performance Guide

Thomas Kejser and Denny Lee released the new Analysis Services 2008 R2 Performance Guide . This is an absolutely must read for any SSAS developer. Remember that many of the optimizations are obtained by doing a proper cube design. Thus, the paper has  Read more