As you may have noted, I started using hashtag in titles of my blog posts. The reason is pretty simple: every post is automatically twitted through my account (@marcorus) and in this way they can be easily reached also by people monitoring particular hashtags.

Twitter is a more interactive (and fast) media than the blog and it is very often used by people looking for information, leveraging the word-of-mouth of social networking. For this reason, J joined Stacia Misner monitoring the #ssasHelp hashtag! The idea is that everyone may ask for help on Analysis Services by using this tag in a tweet. Somebody should note it, providing some link and hint to give an help. Stacia provided more information on her blog and we look forward for your tweets! Chris Webb and Adam Jorgenson already joined the team and we expect many others to be active on that.

Don’t be shame: write your tweets with #ssasHelp tags to ask us about Analysis Services!