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What is PowerPivot? Start learning PowerPivot

We just added a page in the PowerPivot Workshop web site containing an introduction to PowerPivot. There are already several web sites with a general description of PowerPivot and we adapted parts of the first chapter of the book PowerPivot for Excel  Read more

PowerPivot appliance announced from HP

HP and Microsoft announced an appliance for PowerPivot . This is very interesting and might solve the issue of PowerPivot adoption in certain companies (where the problem is the support required for installing and maintaining SharePoint 2010). You can  Read more

SQLBI Methodology at SQLBits in Brighton

I lost the count of how many SQLBits I lost for one reason or another, but now it’s the time! I and Alberto will present a full day training on April 7 at SQLBits 8 in Brighton. Our seminar will be dedicated to the SQLBI Methodology and is based on the  Read more

Inside DAX Time Intelligence functions

Jeffrey Wang wrote a new post about DAX Time Intelligence functions. This is an “under the cover” description that explains the rationale behind these functions, which need to be used following particular guidelines (described at the beginning of the  Read more

Ranking with PowerPivot – a different approach

Alberto Ferrari wrote an interesting post about a “different approach” in creating a ranking measure with PowerPivot . If you know DAX or you read our book , you will find that a DAX expression can solve the issue. However, such a formula is more complex  Read more

PivotViewer demo for photographers

I have a friend (Sandro Rizzetto) that is also a photographer. A good one, but his job is in IT. For these reasons, after reading some posts of mines, he built a PivotViewer page to navigate its photo database. You can drilldown by category, date, lens,  Read more

Donald Farmer left Microsoft for QlikView

As many of you probably already know, Donald Farmer left Microsoft to join QlikView . There are no doubts that Donald have been “the face of Microsoft BI” in the last years. This news has been initially perceived (me included, I admit) as a possible lack  Read more