I wrote a short article about query projection in DAX. To make the story short, you should always use SUMMARIZE in order to remove columns from a table in a query. Thus, if you just want three columns from a table, instead of writing this in SQL:

SELECT Col1, Col2, Col3 FROM Table

you should write this in DAX:

EVALUATE SUMMARIZE( Table, Table[Col1], Table[Col2], Table[Col3] )

A longer explanation is available in this article on SQLBI, that also explain how to rename a column, even if there are penalty performances doing that. Feedback are welcome in case you have suggestions!


Creates a summary of the input table grouped by the specified columns.

SUMMARIZE ( <Table> [, <GroupBy_ColumnName> [, [<Name>] [, [<Expression>] [, <GroupBy_ColumnName> [, [<Name>] [, [<Expression>] [, … ] ] ] ] ] ] ] )