The video of the session Vertipaq vs OLAP: Change Your Data Modeling Approach that I delivered at SQLBits 9 is finally available!

You can find here the video of sessions I and Alberto Ferrari delivered at the last two SQLBits. Last week we also submitted some proposals for SQLBits 10 in London, which will be a big SQLbits edition. Here is the list of our proposals:

  • Create a Data Model in BISM Tabular
  • DAX as a Query Language
  • Time Intelligence in DAX
  • Profile and Optimize DAX

I’d like to get your feedback about what session you would like to see and you cannot find at SQLBits (remember that all recordings of previous sessions are available online for free!).

Moreover, if you’re in UK (or you are looking for a good reason to fly there), Chris Webb’s Technitrain company  is organizing a few workshops in London with well-known speakers:

  • Advanced Internals and Troubleshooting Workshop for SQL Server
    by Christian Bolton (Coeo)
    6th-7th December 2011, London
  • Real World Cube Design and Performance Tuning with Analysis Services
    by Chris Webb (Crossjoin Consulting)
    9th-10th February 2012, London
  • Introduction to Master Data Services
    by Jeremy Kashel (Adatis)
    17th February 2012, London
  • From Zero to SSIS
    by Andy Leonard
    5th-9th March 2012, London
  • Introduction To MDX
    by Chris Webb (Crossjoin Consulting)
    21st-23rd March 2012, London

You can find more information on Technitrain website.

Is it too early for a longer workshop about DAX and BISM Tabular? Also feedback on that is welcome!