As Chris announced in his blog, some of the sessions from the SQLBits 8 in Brighton are already available (for free!).

Yesterday I watched more than half of my BISM Introduction session just to check that no NDA was broken. And, believe it or not, the session had to be really “balanced” in order to not disclose anything of the news announced at TechEd but at the same time I wanted to avoid giving a completely different message. I think that the result is good enough. You just have to replace “BISM Tabular Model” wherever I mentioned “BISM” and with this simple hotfix you can still watch a fresh content!

Also the PowerPivot Advanced Data Modeling session from Alberto Ferrari is available. If you never joined us in a PowerPivot Workshop, take a look at the Alberto’s session. We are just scratching the surface of the innovations in data modeling patterns opened by PowerPivot/Vertipaq usage. We are working on extending these patterns these days and I have to say it is challenging and rewarding to find new solutions to old problems offered by this new tool.

I hope to see other videos available soon, in particular my session about SSAS best practices… I’ll write a new blog post as soon as it is available.