I and Alberto will present the SQLBI Methodology session at PASS Summit 2009. After the very good feedback we got at the European PASS Conference 2009, we will have the big opportunity to discuss this methodology in front of a broader audience.

In the last months we’ve been busy writing an upcoming book with Chris, but we’re confident we’ll release some update (and of couse a working demo!) of some of the SQLBI papers before the PASS Summit. For example, we should update The Many-to-Many Revolution paper with some new very useful pattern we still haven’t disclosed.

I know that the buzz will be for the new release of Analysis Services and Gemini, but I still think that new tools will not replace the need for design of a large and long-lifecycle BI solution.

Originally appeared on: http://sqlblog.com/blogs/marco_russo/archive/2009/06/20/sql-methodology-at-pass-summit-2009.aspx