A few days ago, I talked about Oslo and metadata issues with BI stack. I got several comments and the discussions it’s interesting, but as I said it is too early now to use Oslo – but it could be a foundation for a future product.

As a side note, today I noted an Intellipad plugin to generate models for NHibernate starting from a textual DSL (Domain Specific Language) – it is called NHModeller and it shows just one of the powerful features of Oslo. It is not BI-related, but it could be useful to look at even if you just want to get an idea of what is the potential of a DSL with Oslo. However, the most interesting part of Oslo for the BI metadata issue is the repository, not something that you can actually see with a tool like NHModeller.

Originally appeared on: http://sqlblog.com/blogs/marco_russo/archive/2009/06/05/an-oslo-dsl-for-nhibernate-nhmodeller.aspx