The DirectQuery over SQL section of the Optimizing DAX video course is now available!

In May 2023, we released the second edition of Optimizing DAX, which was completed for the first three sections: Core Concepts, Formula Engine, and VertiPaq.

The fourth section covers the DirectQuery over SQL storage engine, adding more than 5 hours to the existing 29 hours.

We divided the new section into three modules:

  • Understanding DirectQuery over SQL: You learn how DirectQuery works, how to read and interpret the different metrics for the query executed, how the relationships affect the SQL queries, and what the role of aggregation and hybrid tables is.
  • Optimizing DirectQuery over SQL: You see how to optimize the relational database (in our examples, we use SQL Server, but the principles are similar for other products), how to optimize the model for the relationships, and how to use aggregations and hybrid tables in several scenarios.
  • Optimization examples for DirectQuery: Several optimization techniques work differently from what might produce a better query plan in VertiPaq. The challenge in a DirectQuery model is to recognize when the optimization effort is different from what VertiPaq requires, impacting both data modeling and DAX formulas.

Those who already have access to the Optimizing DAX video course can just log into their personal account and find the new section in the video course.

In the meantime, we are already working on the last section about composite models, which will be ready soon: stay tuned!