I will deliver two sessions at the next PASS Summit 2012: one is title Inside DAX Query Plans and the other is Near Real-Time Analytics with xVelocity (without DirectQuery).

These will be two sessions that require a lot of preparation and even if I have already much to say, I still have a long work to do this summer in order to go deeper in several details that I want to investigate for completing these sessions.I already look forward to come back in Seattle!

In the meantime, you have to study SSAS Tabular and if you want to get a real jumpstart why not attending one of the next SSAS Tabular Workshop Online? We are working on more dates for this fall, but there are a few dates already scheduled.

And, last but not least, the early Rough Cuts edition of our upcoming SSAS Tabular book is finally available here (really near to the final print)!