Yesterday I spent the longest day at this TechEd: we talked with many people at Community Night until 9pm and I have to say that just a few months after Analysis Services 2012 has been released, there are many people already using it. And the adoption of PowerPivot is starting to be quite large. Many new ideas and challenging coming from several different real world scenarios. I was tired but really happy.

Alberto presented his Many-to-Many Relationships in BISM Tabular session that was in the same time slot of the BI Power Hour. For this reason, very few people attended Alberto’s session so I think many will watch the recorded session (it should be available within a few days).

So what about today? I’ll spend some time at Technical Learning Center area (full schedule here) but the most important event today will be the Querying multi-billion rows with many to many relationships in SSAS Tabular (xVelocity) at the Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Data Platform Theater in the Technical Learning Center area (next to the SQL Server 2012 zone).  Why you should attend? Mainly because you will see live demo over 4 billion rows table with many-to-many relationships involved in complex queries. But for those of you that think this is not enough to attend a 15 minute funny session, well, we’ll give away some 8GB USB Memory Keys to those of you that will guess exact response time of queries before execution. Convinced? Join us at 11:15am and don’t be late, the session will finish at 11:30am!

After that, we’ll run a book signing session at the Bookstore at 12:30pm and I will be in the Technical Learning Center area at 3:00pm until 5:00pm.

See you there!