Registrations are now open for the SSAS Maestro course in July 2012, which will take place in Milan (Italy).

I introduced this course in a previous blog post and I’m not going to repeat all the details here. I just want to highlight a few updates, the biggest one is related to the cost of the course. We received several feedback and cut some of the costs for reducing the fee. One of the consequences is that we will not include Tabular as part of the SSAS Maestro course, which will be dedicated only to Multidimensional. We’ll evaluate how to include Tabular in the future. As a result, the price is now 4500€ (reduced to 3500€ for students of a previous SSAS Maestro edition). This is not going to lower the overall value of the course and the price includes the complete evaluation process after the training.

Another very good news is that Thomas Kejser (from the SQLCAT team) will join me and Chris Webb teaching the class. This is another important contribution that adds value to the course: Thomas has been involved in development and deployment of TBs-sized cubes and discussions about scalability of SSAS cubes are an important part of the SSAS Maestro training.

Please read my previous post to get other details about the SSAS Maestro certification process. If you want to get more information and/or ask if you are a good candidate for SSAS Maestro certification, write to sending your CV/resume and a short description of your level of SSAS knowledge and experience. The seats are limited and it is important that students have the right prerequisites in terms of SSAS experience. When you are ready, you can register here.