There is less than one week (and only a few seats) available to register to the first PowerPivot Workshop that will be held in the Netherlands on December 1-2, 2010.

I and Alberto spent the last days to refine the last slides and demo. Despite the workshop is based on our book about PowerPivot, we had to adapt the content to the available time, giving an higher priority to these topics that are more important and/or can be better understood by discussing them in a classroom. We realized that there are certain details in the book that are of course interesting but that are too specific or to detailed for the workshop and can be studied later, when facing specific problems. These two days are going to be pretty dense.

At the end, more than half of the workshop is dedicated to DAX. Thus, if you want to boost your DAX knowledge, this is a good chance to do that (you know, DAX will be always more important in BISM).

And if you cannot attend this edition… stay tuned, there will be more news in a few weeks!