In the last few days Alberto wrote two very interesting posts:

  1. Remote Execution of SSIS Packages – this is something that many many people asked me since 2005. Now there is the complete code with the solution to this issue. Considering that SSIS 2008 R2 doesn’t have such a feature and we might only hope it will appear in SSIS vNext (2011? 2012?), this is something that we can use today until the next two versions of SQL Server Integration Services!
  2. SqlBulkCopy Performance Analysis – this is a post that introduces an interesting paper about the SqlBulkCopy class (and, in general, bulk operations in SQL Server). How many surprises! When I read the draft and discussed with Alberto during the tests, I discovered something that was completely new to me, and I was supposed to know this things very well (having worked *a lot* with them). Don’t miss this paper!