This is the type of blog posts you write after you spent hours on a stupid issue and you want to remind what’s happened. And may be it will help someone else in the future.

Scenario: you have a MOSS 2007 with SSRS 2008 in SharePoint integrated mode. You already installed the Reporting Services Addin for SharePoint 2007, everything is right, you create a report and you can see the report.

But, another user, who has the rights to view the report (but that cannot change it) is not able to display the report.

The error is: The Permission granted to user DOMAINUserName is insufficient for performing this operation.(rsAccessDenied)

There could be lots of cause to this error and SSRS diagnostics here is really bad. There are no logs that really explain the reason for that. Before you lose hours, check if you approved the data source. Yes, your report have one or more data source(s), and if you are using a shared data source, it has to be approved! Yes, when you save your RDS file as a shared data source (for example, deploying it with BIDS), it is saved in a “suspended” state. It has to be approved before it can be used by someone else who is not a report owner.

Thus, in case of rsAccessDenied, check your data source(s) and if there are shared data source(s), check it has been approved.

This is not the first time I came across this issue, and writing this post could be the right way to fix it my memory (or making it accessible by Bing/Google, which is pretty much the same!).