It has been confirmed that the Microsoft BI Conference 2009has been delayed to October 2010 (one year later).

The immediate consequence is that the PASS Summit 2009 will be the main event where something new about Kilimanjaro could be disclosed by Microsoft. The PASS Summit will have more tracks to better support the BI coverage.

However, my point of view is that a BI conference should be necessary. Today we have too many products involved, each one with its own vertical conference:

  • Microsoft SQL Server (+ SSIS/SSAS/SSRS)
  • Microsoft Office (Excel)
  • SharePoint (which is part of Office platform and that recently incorporated Performance Point Server)

What is the right conference to discuss about all these products together? May be TechEd, but it’s too big. The Microsoft BI Conference was a good thing, if the decision is to move it each other year, than it’s ok, but I think it would be a mistake to cancel a dedicated conference that could mix all these session at the right level.