A few months ago I talked about SQL Server Virtualization. For me, taking a look at virtualization improvements is very important, because I still think that not every database can be virtualized, but many of them probably yes! And the trend is that the number of databases that can be “virtualized” is growing for each new version of the virtualization environments. Hyper-V is an important milestone for Microsoft in that direction.

That said, I know that a lot of people (like me) have to make a decision about virtualization today, but they also want to get an overview of emerging trends and products in this market. A good news for us is that an international independent congress will be held in London on 15-16 October, 2008: the Virtualization Congress 2008.

Looking at the agenda, I discovered that Mark Russinovich will be the speaker from Microsoft and he also registered a promo video for the conference. Other speakers are from the most important players in this market. This conference is very different from the technical conference I’m used to attend from Microsoft (in fact, it is not from Microsoft!). However, the presence of people like Mark grants me that it shouldn’t be a set of marketing sessions.

Another good excuse to visit London (if you, like me, are not from UK) after SQLBits.