Finally, the Programming Microsoft LINQ book is available. We (I and Paolo Pialorsi, the other author) updated the website that supports our books (, where you can download the sample code of the book.

What’s in this book? Well, we tried to cover everything that was in RTM, but we also introduced technologies that are still in beta or in early CTP stages, like LINQ to Entities and Parallel LINQ. To give you an idea of the content, at the end of this post there is a list of the chapters included in the book.

Now, the next news is that I will be at TechEd Developers next week in Orlando. Feel free to contact me if you want to arrange a meeting talking about LINQ or SSAS. Moreover, I and Paolo will be at the bookshop for book signing on June 3rd from 4:00pm to 4:30pm. I hope to see you there!

In these days I’m already working on a new project, this time on Data Warehousing and Analysis Services. More news on this blog in a few weeks…

Programming Microsoft LINQ


o   1 LINQ Introduction

o   2 LINQ Syntax Fundamentals

o   3 LINQ to Objects

·         Part II LINQ to Relational Data

o   4 LINQ to SQL: Querying Data

o   5 LINQ to SQL: Managing Data

o   6 Tools for LINQ to SQL

o   7 LINQ to DataSet

o   8 LINQ to Entities

·         Part III LINQ and XML

o   9 LINQ to XML: Managing the XML Infoset

o   10 LINQ to XML: Querying Nodes

·         Part IV Advanced LINQ

o   11 Inside Expression Trees

o   12 Extending LINQ

o   13 Parallel LINQ

o   14 Other LINQ Implementations

·         Part V Applied LINQ

o   15 LINQ in a Multitier Solution

o   16 LINQ and ASP.NET

o   17 LINQ and WPF/Silverlight

o   18 LINQ and the Windows Communication Foundation

·         Appendixes

o   A ADO.NET Entity Framework

o   B C# 3.0: New Language Features

o   C Visual Basic 2008: New Language Features