Now that our presence as exhibitor is finished (Day 3 is only for keynote and breakout sessions), we can say that we had a great success! We distributed all the 300 copies of The Many-to-Many Revolution paper we printed just to show the kind of content that is available on our web site. The conference had 2.800 attendees, that is a great number, and one person each ten visited our booth!

We want to thank you all the people who just visited us to say “Hello!”. We put a face on many names we’ve only seen on some e-mails or forum posts.

Many things are moving on. We are working on many new things and in the next monhts we will provide even more content on SQLBI web site. Personally, I will be at TechEd too (June 2007, Orlando) and probably we will see some more technical news about Katmai than in this conference. If someone missed the BI Conference, get in touch with me and say hello during TechEd!

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