I wrote a small tool to improve the migration from SSIS to DTS. The problem I had to solve was this: I have many Data Transform Tasks that have a simple behavior, read data from a query and write data on a table, using fast load with batch insert.

You say: why not to use the SSIS Migration Wizard? This is exactly what I want to do, but unfortunately I used UDL files into my package and the migration wizard do not migrate them and leave embedded a legacy DTS package for each Data Transform Task.

My idea was to modify the DTS changing properties where needed, and my tool (DtsToSsisPrepare) generate a new DTS file that can be better migrated to SSIS.

This is the command line help:

Dts to SSIS Prepare Syntax: DtsToSsisPrepare.exe [switch:value]   /ConsolidateUdl      Consolidate UDL connections into regular connections   /OptimizeConnections      Optimize connections recycling the same connection for several tasks   /RemoveAdvancedTransformations      Remove advanced transformations phases from Transform Data Task   /ResetMaxErrorCount      Reset Maximum Error Count property from Transform Data Task   /DtsSource      Source DTS file name   /DtsDestination      Destination DTS file name   /help      show help   /all      Activate all conversion features 


The best way to use the tool is to specify /all to enable all conversions.
DtsSource and DtsDestination are mandatory parameters.

I wish to write an article explaining the tool behavior in the coming days, in the meantime I’d like to receive feedback on this. Full source code and binaries are downloadable on www.sqlbi.eu. Enjoy!