I have being a user of PromptSQL since version 1.0. This utility was acquired by Red-Gate some months ago and today they shipped the version 2.0, renamed ad SQL Prompt 2.0.

SQL Prompt is fundamentally the ability to add Intellisense when you are editing T-SQL code (queries, stored procedures and so on) inside SQL Server Management Studio (but also Query Analyzer if you still rely on SQL 2000 tools). It works also inside other editors, like my favorite one (UltraEdit).

I really appreciate the improvements made between versions. It’s still not a perfect product, but until September 1st it’s free (I was a registered user of version 1.0, but I don’t regret it). I expect a 3.0 version in the future that could further add features and then become a commercial product. Anyway, it deserves a try, especially if think how many time you asked why the Ctrl-Space doesn’t work with SQL code.