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  • SQL Server 2005 SP1 seems to stop many working installations of SSIS service. I lost some hour on this problem and only a few days after I discovered a good workaround here . While you install SQL Server 2005, setup procedure brings you to use NETWORK  Read more

  • Today I implemented a classification through a NTILE equivalent function. The T-SQL NTILE implementation has very bad perfomance when used against large datasets of rows, so I and Davide Mauri realized a better implementation that Davide posted some weeks  Read more

  • I'm trying to use SqlBulkCopy removing a C++ DLL I wrote two years ago to create staging tables in SQL Server from remote databases, dynamically creating queries to get data basing on table structure I defined into the staging database. This tool helped  Read more

  • The news is that Microsoft announced it has agreed to acquire ProClarity . Now a decent client for Analysis Services 2005 will be available from Microsoft, and I hope that a new commercial licensing scheme will allow to small companies to get a mixed  Read more

  • I recently had some problem with memory configuration of SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 and I'd like to share lessons I got. This post is a replacement for my previous post , that I striked to keep history of some bad assumptions I initially made.  Read more

  • I recently discovered a few pitfalls on memory configuration of SQL Server Analysis Services 2005: the main problem is that the default configuration (written by setup) doesn't consider the actual physical resources (mainly RAM) of your server and this  Read more

  • Thanks to Romeo Pruno , I just discovered a sample of Excel 2003 customization to access OLAP data through task panes. While this article deserves to be read, I think that client customization is a sort of "last resort", to be applied only for particular  Read more

  • Thanks to a blog reader, I just discovered that if you create a Report Builder Model from a UDM and try to create a report filtering a date field, the date you specify in the filter dialog box is inverted (months with days) when the MDX query is generated.  Read more

  • I just discovered that some weeks ago Microsoft released a cumulative upgrades of hotfixes for Analysis Services 2000 released after SP4. I have to say that I noted AS 2000 is less stable after SP4 intallation (I can say that after months of use) and  Read more

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