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DAX puzzle –

Active Orders

Relationships, filter context, row context, context transition, measures. Any DAX programmer knows that mixing all these concepts together makes the formulas somewhat complex. In this puzzle, we ask you to author a measure that proves to be a bit challenging,…  Read more

DAX puzzle –

Multiple many-to-many relationships

In Power BI Desktop and SQL Server Analysis Services 2016 you can rely on bidirectional filtering to implement many-to-many relationships. Nevertheless, as powerful as bidirectional filtering is, it cannot handle scenarios where it would generate ambiguous paths among your tables.…  Read more

article –

Handling BLANK in DAX

The blank value in DAX is a special value requiring particular attention in comparisons. It is not like the special null value in SQL, and it could appear in any conversion from a table expression. This article explores in details…  Read more

DAX puzzle –

Filtering Columns

In Power BI Desktop and SQL Server Analysis Services 2016 the SELECTCOLUMNS function allows you to retrieve some of the columns out of a table. This enables you to write set operations and queries in a very simple way. But,…  Read more

DAX puzzle –

Unexpected filter behavior in CALCULATE

Filters in CALCULATE override previously existing filters on the column they use. For example, CALCULATE ( [Sales], Product[Color] = “Red” ) returns red sales, no matter what you filter in a pivot table. Nevertheless, this golden rule sometimes looks not…  Read more

article –

Apply AND Logic to Multiple Selection in DAX Slicer

When you apply a multiple selection to a slicer or to a filter, you obtain a logical OR condition between selected items. This article shows how to implement a logical AND condition in a measure instead of the standard OR…  Read more

blog post –

Internet of Things in 2015 #summit15 #sqlpass

David DeWitt and Rimma Nehme delivered the day 2 keynote at PASS Summit 2015 talking about Internet of Things. Many PASS attendees know David for providing some of the best keynotes every, technical and without vaporware and marketing stuffs. So this  Read more