In 2017, we launched the Introducing DAX free course. In less than two years, over 11,000 people enrolled in the video course. Over 30% of the people following the course completed it entirely, and only 8% left before the 5-minute mark. More than 500 reviews confirmed that the course was highly valuable to people and to their work. Thousands were able to start their journey in DAX thanks to this SQLBI course, and we are proud of that achievement!

We then launched a new course a year ago, Data Modeling for Power BI, targeting users who do not have a former background in data modeling for analytics. In this course, they learn that when the data is setup properly in the right tables and with the right relationships, the DAX code required is easier and shorter – and sometimes not needed at all!

However, you might not feel ready for the full course. With you in mind we created a new free video course: Introduction to Data Modeling for Power BI.

Yes, it is free – just like Introducing DAX. In two hours max, you will take your first steps into the data modeling world. Demos are included. A certificate of completion is awarded to you at the end. English subtitles are already available.

The course is based on Power BI, but these concepts are universal and unrelated to any specific product. Once you complete the Introduction to Data Modeling for Power BI free course and get some practice, you can then work on honing your skills by attending a Data Modeling class or video course, and by reading our articles and books.

Let’s get you on your data modeling journey now!

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