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  • Alberto Ferrari wrote a nice post with a workaround to generate tables in different SQL Server 2005 schemas starting from a single Visio document. The trick includes a SQL script to do the magic. I hope that next Visio version would be able to do that  Read more

  • Yesterday I had to fix a simple still subtle bug in TableDifference , I think sharing the experience will be useful for everybody involved in custom component creation. The component has some fields that are initialized in the component constructor, at  Read more

  • I just opened the wiki on SQLBI.EU : it contains link to useful resources for BI solution development with SQL Server, so it covers SSIS, SSAS, SSRS and of course SQL Server itself. The wiki works well when there is large contribution, so please share  Read more

  • SqlBulkTool

    SqlBulkTool is a command line utility that is used to quickly create a mirror of a database. It reads its configuration from an XML file containing source and destination command strings and a list of all the tables to mirror and then handles the work  Read more

  • Thanks to Alberto Ferrari there is a new way to handle Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD) with Integration Services: he just released Table Difference 1.1 and FlowSync 1.0 . Both are downloadable at . The problem that those components solve  Read more

  • Table Difference 1.1

    TableDifference has been updated to version 1.1. The major improvement is the fact that now TableDifference can handle a field as Key : a field that represent a key in the table, you must supply KeyOrder Compare : a field that is to be compared between  Read more

  • Several people downloaded TableDifference to handle SCD faster, some of them, especially using it on huge table (more than 10 millions rows) noticed memory problems. The problem is that of a flow running too fast and making TableDifference cache data,  Read more

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