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  • Rolling averages over time (a.k.a. moving averages or running averages) are useful to smoothen chart lines and to make trends more evident. This article shows how to compute a rolling average over 12 months, in DAX.  Read more

  • This article analyzes a classic modeling question: is it better to build a model as a regular star schema or as a single table in Power BI? The answer is clear: a star schema is always the best choice.  Read more

  • This article explains how to avoid circular dependency errors that can occur in DAX when two or more entities (calculated columns or calculated tables) reference one another in such a way that the engine cannot compute their value.  Read more

  • A name is important. The right name is important. In this post, I reflect on the choice of names in the Microsoft BI stack. From time to time, a bad name arises. Not a big issue, as together we tend…  Read more

  • On my recording gear

    When I started publishing YouTube videos, I was eager to read about the setup of other speakers. I was starting from scratch, needing to purchase all the equipment, and I had no idea how to get the most bang for…  Read more

  • This article explains the precedence of calculation groups in DAX, needed whenever multiple calculation groups are present within the same model. Before starting, we suggest you read the previous articles in this series.  Read more

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