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Useful webcast on MDX

Thanks to Chris Webb I discovered this useful webcast about MDX tips & tricks (rightly named Common MDX mistakes & solutions). It’s available even the whole transcript, so you can read it instead to listen after midnight :-)  Read more

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Install Reporting Services SP2 Web Parts on SharePoint

I just installed the Reporting Services SP2 beta on my dev-test machine. I had to search into beta newsgroups how to install SharePoint Web Parts onto my SharePoint Services installation: to do that, you need to start a command like: stsadm.exe -o addwppack  Read more

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BI Portal for SharePoint

A new version of BI Portal Sample is available from Microsoft. It looks good, but I still haven’t tested it. Integrated with SharePoint and Reporting Services. Support of different localizations. It’s not the definitive solution, but may be useful.  Read more

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Don’t use quote inside comments with Analysis Services 2000

Yesterday I lost at least an hour (but only for a coincidence I haven’t lose more hours) because I came across a bug of Analysis Services 2000. If you put a single quote or a double quote inside a comment, the whole MDX expression is not considered. I  Read more

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DISTINCT COUNT measures and NULL value

After several years of using Analysis Services and SQL Server 2000, today I stumbled in this problem. I have a DISTINCT COUNT measure that have to measure how many different documents are present in a certain aggregation. Sometimes valid cells has no  Read more

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Snapshot Isolation Level

I just atteended a session where Ron Talmage showed the new Snapshot Isolation feature of SQL Server 2005. While it can be used to improve scalability of a traditional LOB application, it’s really important to BI applications. Making a long story short,  Read more