Microsoft Power BI is a handy, powerful reporting tool

Getting started with Power BI is simple.
Then, once you want to leverage its full potential, you need a different set of skills. Learn how to develop these skills with our resources.

Starting from scratch?

When learning how to start using Power BI, you can leverage a ton of resources available online. These include our FREE eBook, Introducing Microsoft Power BI - published by Microsoft Press. Get the book

If you learn better with videos, you can follow the FREE Microsoft Power BI Learning Guide.

Are you designing data models?

Structuring data properly is essential to achieving good performance in your reports and to maintaining a low level of complexity in your queries. Learn how to do it right with Data Modeling for Power BI.

New to DAX?

DAX can be challenging, so we have created different courses to guide you in the deep learning of this powerful query language. Start with the free Introducing DAX Video Course and continue with the Mastering DAX and Optimizing DAX workshops.

Publishing datasets on Power BI Service?

A Power BI dataset is a Tabular model in the Analysis Services engine managed by Power BI Service.
With the Mastering Tabular video course, you can access all the features of a Tabular model and improve the usability and scalability of Power BI datasets published on Power BI.

Looking to create beautiful dashboards?

Designing good reports and dashboards in Power BI is not as easy as it seems. It requires knowing and applying usability concepts to your work. Learn all the rules needed to design a perfect dashboard with our Power BI Dashboard Design Course.